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Position title:
Asset Engineer Trainee (Re-advertised - No need to reapply)
09-May-2017 (Last Tuesday)
Application close:
19-May-2017 Friday
5 June 2017
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Experience Work Pty Ltd is calling for applications from engineering undergraduates for the paid casual position of Asset Engineer Trainee (3 required). Suitable applicants will be from the Civil / Structural, Mechatronic, Mechanical and Electrical engineering disciplines.

The Positions

The Asset Engineer Trainee will report to the Asset Management Specialist on the project and is responsible for timely compilation of:

Asset information from drawings, purchase orders, equipment files or manuals and physical inspections;
Asset maintenance plans from manufacturer recommendations, statutory regulations and industry standards; and
Asset renewal plans from manufacturer recommendations, asset degradation models and industry standards.
In some cases the Asset Engineer Trainee will need to carry out searches for manuals, standards, regulations and other information relating to assets. The Asset Engineer Trainee will also make some engineering judgments in relation to appropriate maintenance and renewal regimes under supervision of a senior engineer.

The pay rate for this position is $24 per hour.

The Project

This is a pilot project to compile asset data for an agency of a Queensland Government Department. It is proposed that the data will be uploaded into a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Being a pilot project, the results will be used to learn how this data could be compiled on a much wider scale for other facilities within the same agency.

The Work

This is casual paid work experience for undergraduate engineers. It will count towards engineer supervised work experience required by engineering degree course undergraduates. Although the work is casual, the successful candidate will need to be available to work full time even during the upcoming examinations period. Candidates will need to be able to demonstrate their ability to work a 40 hour week when required. One such possibility is that the candidate has finished their degree apart from necessary work experience.

We are not certain about the total amount of work however, we require that the candidate commits to the possibility of working beyond the 30 days work experience requirement for your bachelor degree in order to complete the assignment if that were needed. Conversely, there is no guarantee that 30 days of work experience will be provided as part of this appointment.

There will be some requirement to attend face to face meetings and physical inspections of equipment, however, the work will be conducted largely at your home, at university or at other self-provided office facilities. The work can be done at a time that suits the candidate, during the day, evenings or weekends. However, individual work parcels must be completed within agreed time frames. Experience Work will provide access to our virtual systems and training on how to work in this environment.

The Selection Criteria:


  • Undergraduate in an Engineering degree.
  • Demonstrated ability to work a 40 hour working week if and when requested.
  • Commitment to working beyond the 30 day work experience requirement.
  • Own office facilities / computer / phone.
  • Sound written and verbal English language skills.


  • Ability to work to deadlines.
  • Demonstrated high quality of work performed.
  • Ability to work with remote supervision.
Application procedures
Please submit a cover letter with responses to the selection criteria, your resume and your university results including grade point average.
Applications will close at 8 am on 19 May. Shortlisting and interviews will occur shortly thereafter.
Candidates should address applications to
Candidates must also register on our mailing list by downloading the Guide to getting Engineering Work Experience and providing name and contact details at the following link:

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Shemi Rubin